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Y.E.S. Fitness Success Stories

Jeff Fecteau

Kristie Arbesman

Janet Schwartz

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Episode 246

New, mind-blowing research, get your hearts pumping to boost brain health!

Episode 247

Revolutionizing Heart Health: The exciting benefits of strength training revealed! 

Episode 248

- Upcoming

Episode 243

Gotta love Mom, she always knows best but does your doctor?

Episode 244

It's exciting new stem cell research that could have significant implications on longevity!

Episode 245

The double edge sword of telomere length and why it's so confusing! 

Episode 240

New blockbuster research reveals how fasting actually slows aging in humans. 


Episode 241

Enlightening reasons why what used to work to lose weight doesn't anymore.

Episode 242

Here is a secret method to protect against awful Alzheimer's disease.

Episode 238

One way poor cell reception is similar to frightening cellular decay.

Episode 239 

A fresh way to look at pain and how to relieve it for a more active life.

Episode 240

New blockbuster research reveals how fasting actually slows aging in humans.

Episode 235 

Proven ways to power our cells to fight devastating diseases!

Episode 236

Ways to destroy your crazy Zombie cells before they create deadly disease

Episode 237

How stems of trees are a symbol of hope for a prolonged healthy life!

Episode 232

2 ways to silence the dangers of epigenetic noise to extend healthspan

Episode 233

How the runner on second base may help you live longer. 

Episode 234

Knock, Knock quickly, open the door or you'll be sick.

Episode 229

It's the top 10 things to improve results without working harder.

Episode 230

How toothpaste is like exercise and may prolong your life!

Episode 231

1 interesting thing strength training may not do, to improve longevity.

Episode 226 

See it's easy to affect how long someone else lives!

Episode 227

Curious how every huff and puff could prolong your life?

Episode 228

Need helpful exercise hints for the best success in 2023 and beyond?

Episode 223

If you don’t pay attention now, you’ll hate yourself later.

Episode 224

Discover more helpful habits of the "Super Agers"

Episode 225  

Exciting Reasons why go heavy or go home may not be right!

Episode 220

Reasons why dinner party advice may not always be good!

Episode 221

The 5 “P’s” to weight loss.

Episode 222 - A helpful guide with ways to battle those extra holiday calories. 

Episode 217

How does purposefully running out of energy help you live longer?

Episode 218

A revealing reason you may want to limit eating red meat.

Episode 219

Never say never, a 4-step process to a fantastic healthier lifestyle!

Episode 214

How to conquer the scariest know fact of growing old! 

Episode 215

Where does exercise actually rank in importance in improving health span?

Episode 216 

One interesting way exercise affects these important proteins is for longevity.

Episode 211

This one behavior can lead to your success in life! 

Episode 212

How to live in the now for the benefit of the future!

Episode 213

The number one effect of yo-yo dieting, that absolutely destroys your metabolism!  

Episode 208 

Witness firsthand the dangers of being a fitness professional

Episode 209

Amazingly eating two massive chocolate cupcakes can make perfect sense! 

Episode 210

Focus on minimal viable progress now for large meaningful wins! 

Episode 205

It is the exercise sweet spot to live a longer, healthier life!  

Episode 206

See a simple game of Bocce Ball turned into a cool nutrition lesson!

Episode 207

It’s an effortless activity that's associated with increased brain health!

Episode 202

Alas, a simple, inexpensive activity you can do anywhere to live longer! 

Episode 203

It’s never too late to get started to get amazing results!

Episode 204

Never make the mistake your trainer made if you want amazing results!