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Y.E.S. Fitness Success Stories

Jeff Fecteau

Kristie Arbesman

Janet Schwartz

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Episodes 100 - 201

Episode 199

Start outsmarting your metabolism to achieve amazing results!

Episode 200

Secret formula you need to boost your weight loss during menopause!

Episode 201

Reasons why it's good to elevate Cortisol levels for better results!

Episode 196

Here's the little known key to boosting an insanely sluggish metabolism!

Episode 197

Tired, frustrated, can't figure out the reason for your slow metabolism?

Episode 198

How a strong mindset lead to amazing results!


Episode 193

3 Exciting new strategies for building perfect bones to stop osteoporosis!

Episode 194

See how boosting this fantastic fatty acid may extend life!

Episode 195

Aggravated over erratic workouts? Here are secrets to consistency!

Episode 190

How to overcome your power outage now to enjoy an active life!

Episode 191

Beware poor heart health is causing you to lose valuable cognitive health!

Episode 192

Disgusted with life? Understand how to champion sustainable change!

Episode 187

 What goes into every effective customized exercise program?

Episode 188

What's Davis' Law have to do with my living better?

Episode 189

More validation by local professional patronage of YES Fitness.

Episode 184

Repost of Podcast 129
 Special guest , Alwyn Cosgrove.

Episode 185

Insanely small changes can make a huge difference in longevity.

Episode 186

Want a surprisingly clear picture of what diet is best for success?

Episode 181

Here are 10 foods that are helping people improve longevity.

Episode 182

Looking for a way to determine tendencies for success?

Episode 183

Due to technical difficulties, there is no audio to the podcast. Please see episode 186.

Episode 178

Congratulations! Sue on being a member at Y.E.S. Fitness for 20 years!

Episode 179

Injured or do you deal with a neurological disorder? 

Episode 180

Beware this might be a risk factor that’s under the radar for many adults!

Episode 175

Top 8 questions you must absolutely have answered before choosing a gym this year.

Episode 176

Really!! What happened? I lost all this weight and am still flabby. 

Episode 177

Why can't people lose those last few stubborn pounds?

Episode 172

Diet trumps drugs for anti-aging and good metabolic health

Episode 173

It’s the insanely effective universal medicine for increasing health span

Episode 174

Unveiling the top 7 myths you must know about exercise

Episode 169

See how useful a beach ball is in preventing falls!

Episode 170

  5 Easy Ways to Survive the Overwhelming Calorie Frenzy!

Episode 171

 My Top 9 things you can do to survive this holiday season!

Episode 166

It's amazing how research can trump common sense again!

Episode 167

It's been one year since Stephanie has joined Y.E.S. Fitness. She's joined the podcast today to share her amazing results!

Episode 168

Look, a proven understanding of the body leads to reduce pain!

Episode 163

Embracing perseverance will lead to creating your ideal day

Episode 164

How much cardio is too much before damaging your heart and longevity?

Episode 165

Danger, very-low-calorie diets will smash your precious metabolism

Episode 160

Wow! Can a time-tested supplement slow the aging process?

Episode 161

See how this 1 simple act can skyrocket your whole life for the better!

Episode 162

How sweet it is! September is National Honey Month. 

Episode 157

Not all exercise is equal when it comes to improving longevity. 

Episode 158

Y.E.S. Fitness superstar Anne shares her amazing story.

Episode 159

Fitness icon and creator/author of Drop Two Sizes, Rachel Cosgrove puts it all out there.

Episode 154

How to get true, sustainable results over the long haul

Episode 155

It's exciting the knowledge the oldest-old can teach us



Episode 156

Frustrated by a slow metabolism? Alas, here’s the reason why

Episode 151

A fascinating look into how this easy workout is actually your trainer's

Episode 152

Conquer your deficiency of this simple mineral that has such a big impact.


Episode 153 

5 of the worse foods for your health and to promote longevity

Episode 148

Be proactive, exercise now so you don't lose your independence later 

Episode 149

What your trainer won’t tell you about exercising on vacation

Episode 150

4 easy lifestyle changes to improve your chances of living longer

Episode 145 

5 of the most exciting scientific breakthroughs to increase your health-span

Episode 146

How to build an effective workout that you can be proud of!

Episode 147

7 quick, simple tips to say goodbye to Covid-19 and make some changes

Episode 142

Improve your reactive power now and you'll love yourself later!

Episode 143

How Jim Ryan and a violinist will help you stop procrastinating

Episode 144

Why my attitude after running my first race is clearly a microcosm of my life.

Episode 139

You Get What You train For!

Episode 140

How one person's determination led to amazing results!

Episode 141

How easy is it to reduce back pain, get off meds, and start feeling great?

Episode 136

Smart Ways to Pain Free Training for Better Mobility

Episode 137

Fascia Training

Episode 138

Ceiling Of Diminishing Returns 

Episode 133

What is HRV Training???

Episode 134

Proper Recovery will Maximize Results

Episode 135

Sleep in a Cool Room

Episode 130

Good Food vs Bad Food

Episode 131

"Functional" Longevity

Episode 132

Special Guest - Jordan Rudolph

Episode 127

Chris's COVID Experience

Episode 128

Two Exercise Myths

Episode 129

Special Guest - Alwyn Cosgrove

Episode 124

Special Guests - Christine & Rich Masotti

Episode 125

Special Guest - Grace Barnick-Damazo

Episode 126

Special Guest - Barbara Moskowitz

Episode 121

Special Guest - Stephanie O'Neil

Episode 122

The Core's Purpose and How to Train it Properly

Episode 123

Celebrating Margaret Fienemann

Episode 118

Chris' Book Launch

Episode 119


Episode 120


Episode 115

Strength Training a Key to Living a Longer, Healthier Life

Episode 116

Strength Training a Key to Living a Longer, Healthier Life - 2

Episode 117

Strength Training a Key to Living a Longer, Healthier Life - 3

Episode 112

The Longevity Diet

Episode 113

Ultra-Processed Foods

Episode 114

Our Functional Movement Screening

Episode 109

Why is Sleep so Important?

Episode 110

Tips to Help Stiff or Tight Backs

Episode 111

9 Foods You Think are Healthy but Aren't

Episode 106

Is Stretching Enough?

Episode 107

Doctor Says Gyms Can Prevent COVID-19 & Lessen the Impact

Episode 108

Special Guest - Diane Marshall

Episode 103

Special Guest - Stacey Glastris

Episode 104

Is Your Body Moving Correctly?

Episode 105

Special Guest - Paul Itter

Episode 100

Live Longer Enjoy Those Extra Years

Episode 101

5 Practical Strategies to Overcome Fitness Barriers

Episode 102

What is Epigenetic Age Testing?