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Y.E.S. Fitness Success Stories

Jeff Fecteau

Kristie Arbesman

Janet Schwartz

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Episode 139

You Get What You train For!

Episode 140- How one person's determination led to amazing results!

Episode 141-Cooming Soon!

Episode 136

Smart Ways to Pain Free Training for Better Mobility

Episode 137

Fascia Training

Episode 138

Ceiling Of Diminishing Returns 

Episode 133

What is HRV Training???

Episode 134

Proper Recovery will Maximize Results

Episode 135

Sleep in a Cool Room

Episode 130

Good Food vs Bad Food

Episode 131

"Functional" Longevity

Episode 132

Special Guest - Jordan Rudolph

Episode 127

Chris's COVID Experience

Episode 128

Two Exercise Myths

Episode 129

Special Guest - Alwyn Cosgrove

Episode 124

Special Guests - Christine & Rich Masotti

Episode 125

Special Guest - Grace Barnick-Damazo

Episode 126

Special Guest - Barbara Moskowitz

Episode 121

Special Guest - Stephanie O'Neil

Episode 122

The Core's Purpose and How to Train it Properly

Episode 123

Celebrating Margaret Fienemann

Episode 118

Chris' Book Launch

Episode 119


Episode 120


Episode 115

Strength Training a Key to Living a Longer, Healthier Life

Episode 116

Strength Training a Key to Living a Longer, Healthier Life - 2

Episode 117

Strength Training a Key to Living a Longer, Healthier Life - 3

Episode 112

The Longevity Diet

Episode 113

Ultra-Processed Foods

Episode 114

Our Functional Movement Screening

Episode 109

Why is Sleep so Important?

Episode 110

Tips to Help Stiff or Tight Backs

Episode 111

9 Foods You Think are Healthy but Aren't

Episode 106

Is Stretching Enough?

Episode 107

Doctor Says Gyms Can Prevent COVID-19 & Lessen the Impact

Episode 108

Special Guest - Diane Marshall

Episode 103

Special Guest - Stacey Glastris

Episode 104

Is Your Body Moving Correctly?

Episode 105

Special Guest - Paul Itter

Episode 100

Live Longer Enjoy Those Extra Years

Episode 101

5 Practical Strategies to Overcome Fitness Barriers

Episode 102

What is Epigenetic Age Testing?