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Y.E.S. Fitness Success Stories

Jeff Fecteau

Kristie Arbesman

Janet Schwartz


Episode 97

Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Episode 98

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Episode 99

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Episode 94
Fat Burning Zone, Really?
Episode 95 
Reopening Procedures
Episode 96
How to Safely Get Back to the Coaching Center
Episode 91
Do Blue-Blocker Glasses Really Work?
Episode 92
What is the Key to Fall Prevention?
Episode 93
A Simple Way to Reduce Belly Fat During COVID-19
Episode 88
How Can You Help Your Body Move the Way it Should?
Episode 89
Are You Familiar With Your Gut Microbiome?
Episode 90
Special Guest - Laura Austin
Episode 85
Tips to Make at Home Exercises Harder
Episode 86
A Plan to Manage Your Day During COVID-19
Episode 87
How to Protect Your Body from Exercise
Episode 82
Chris's Change to Live a Longer Healthier Life
Episode 83
One-Minute Meditation
Episode 84
Special Guest - Casey Jones
Episode 79
Special Guest - Jackie Penson
Episode 80
How Sauna Use May Boost Longevity
Episode 81
Special Guests - Laura Austin & Sue Riley
Episode 76
Special Guest - Kristie Arbesman
Episode 77
Three Universal Regulators of Aging
Episode 78
Jordan Rudolph's Podcast "Nine Hallmarks of Aging"
Episode 73
Sitting-Rising Test
Episode 74
Intermittent Fasting Effects on Longevity
Episode 75
What is the Best Exercise for Longevity
Episode 70
Episode 71
Social Isolation
Episode 72
One Degree at a Time
Episode 67
Holidays Without Gaining
Episode 68
Nutritional Studies
Episode 69
Intermittent Fasting
Episode 64
Special Guest - Maribeth Hanigan
Episode 65
Caloric Expenditure
Episode 66
Special Guest - Lou Pisano
Episode 61
Proper Warm-Up
Episode 62
Surprise!! Calorie Counting is a Very Inaccurate Science
Episode 63
The Truth About Y.E.S. Fitness
Episode 58
Special Guest - Kim Bastan
Episode 59
What Does Coffee, a Vegeterian and Cookies All Have in Common?
Episode 60
Episode 55
Special Guest - Dori Platosh
Episode 56
Hot Tips from a Perform Better Summit
Episode 57
10 Things to Prevent Low Back Pain
Episode 52
NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide
Episode 53
Autophagy and mTOR
Episode 54
Special Guest - Paul Rochford
Episode 49
5 Horrible Habits that May be Ruining Your Aging Years
Episode 50
Supplements and Their Effects on Telomeres and Longevity
Episode 51
Special Guest -Stephanie Delaney
Episode 46
Episode 47
Cold Therapy
Episode 48
New Research on Telomeres
Episode 43
Special Guest - Kim Brinn
Episode 44
Episode 45
Special Guest - Sue Smith
Episode 40
Fitness Secrets for Over 40's to Get Real Results
Episode 41
Special Guest - Cathy Coyle
Episode 42
Chris Borda
Episode 37
Special Guest - Amy Brennan
Episode 38
Sirtuin Pathways
Episode 39
Special Guest - Stacey Glastris
Episode 34
Guest + DVRT Master Instructor Danny Twoguns
Episode 35
Episode 36
DVRT Squat Progressions
Episode 31
Heart Rate Based Interval Training
Episode 32
Special Guest - Bob Koplar
Episode 33
Episode 28
Special Guest - Ben Fogel
Episode 29
Heart Month
Episode 30
Enemies of the Body
Episode 25
Super Bowl
Episode 26
Special Guest - Doug Zepka
Episode 27
2019 Lifestyle Changes and Shoveling Snow
Episode 22
New Year's Resolutions
Episode 23
Special Guest - Roger Neuhausser
Episode 24
Back on Track
Episode 19
Special Guest - Laura Austin
Episode 20
Looking for that Special Holiday Gift
Episode 21
Social Isolation
Episode 16
Special Guest - Janet Schwartz
Episode 17
Episode 18
Stages of Change
Episode 13
Finding the Right Coach
Episode 14
Fitness Myth Busting Part II
Episode 15
Special Guest - Dave Donnelly
Episode 10
Special Guest - Anna Pallerberg
Episode 11
Special Guest - Maggie Fienemann
Episode 12
Biggest Pet Peeves
Episode 7
Special Guest - Kerri Kazlauskas aka "Kerri K"
Episode 8
Special Guest + Drop 2 Sizes Creator - Rachel Cosgrove
Episode 9
Special Guest - Terry Gianzinetti
Episode 4
Special Guest + Fit in 42 Creator - Casey Washak
Episode 5
Energy Systems Training
Episode 6
Special Guest - Sue Riley
Episode 1 
Special Guest - Jeff Fecteau
Episode 2 
Fitness Myth Busting Part I
Episode 3
Special Guest - Kelly Fecteau