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Episode 94 - Fat Burning Zone, Really?


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Highlights of the Episode


00:00 - What’s new at the Coaching Center? 

04:51 - What are we talking about today?

06:07 - What made Chris think about this again?

06:33 - What is an interval workout?

07:07 - What happened at the low end of Chris’ interval?

0805 - Why is it important to drop the excess pounds now?

09:00 - Why is it important to switch up your workouts?

10:02 - Have you seen the gauge on cardio equipment showing the fat burning zone?

12:06 - When do you burn the most fat?

12:47 - How does your body burn fat?

14:39 - How do you make the best use of your workouts?

16:42 - Why do I want to use carbs for energy?

18:03 - What does this all mean?

19:07 - Walking vs running.

20:37 - What does high intensity exercise do for me?

21:25 - What kind of routine would be good?

22:23 - What’s another way to look at this?

24:29 - What do the studies say?

27:02 - What is the best way to go?

27:52 - Can intervals help reverse the aging process?

29:28 - What are fast-twitch muscle fibers?

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