Y.E.S. Fitness "Longevity" Podcast

Episode 90 - Special Guest - Laura Austin


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Highlights of the Episode


00:00 - What’s new at the Coaching Center? 

00:19 - What are we talking about today? 

01:10 - How long has Laura been with us? 

01:31 - What was going on before we actually got shut down? 

02:40 - What was some of the action steps Laura took when we were shut down? 

03:15 - How did Y.E.S. Fitness support our clients during this time? 

04:16 - What if I don’t have the equipment needed for an exercise?

 05:18 - Does Laura prefer Zoom or Facebook workouts?

 06:34 - How does Laura keep herself going during a workout class now?

 07:16 - What is a benefit of a Zoom workout?

 08:07 - Has anything surprised Laura over the last seven or eight weeks?

 08:53 - What has Laura learned about herself as an exerciser?

 10:10 - What has been the hardest thing for Laura during this time?

 10:59 - What does exercise look like for Laura when we finally get to reopen?

 11:21 - What is the Y.E.S. plan for when we finally get to reopen?

 12:09 - What does Laura suggest when we open? 

13:19 - What does Laura suggest for people that want to workout now before we are able to open?

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