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Episode 89 - Are You Familiar With Your Gut Microbiome?


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Preface: I was a recent guest on the Community Fitness podcast. My good friend and fitness expert Jordan Rudolph who owns Unity Fitness in La Crosse, Wisconsin, invited registered dietitian/business owner Suzanne Doerries of Forward Fitness and I to cover everything there is to know about your gut microbiome. We discussed how it affects your overall health, performance, sleep, food absorption, longevity and more.

00:00 - Who is Jordan Rudolph?

00:49 - How many times has Chris been on Jordan’s podcast?

01:07 - Who is Suzanne Doerries?

02:24 - What is Chris training for?

03:11 - What are we talking about today?

03:55 - What is gut microbiome?

05:24 - How does food affect your microbiome?

07:00 - What are saccharides?

08:04 - What happens when our microbiome doesn’t get what it wants?

11:25 - How is microbiome similar to your fingerprint?

11:52 - Can I test my microbiome?

14:21 - Am I absorbing all the nutrients I can from food?

15:33 - What does Suzanne think of probiotics?

20:17 - Is there anything as we age that happens to our gut?

22:49 - What are some high fibrous foods?

23:59 - How is the microbiome connected to the nervous system?

27:07 - Is your stress controlling your cravings?

29:46 - How do proteins affect the gut?

32:56 - Why do we need to eat well throughout our lives?

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