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Episode 87 - How to Protect Your Body from Exercise


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Highlights of the Episode


00:00 - What’s new at the Coaching Center?

02:14 - What are we talking about today?

04:00 - What does the central nervous system do?

04 ;46 - Why is rest and recovery so important?

06:02 - Why do we need to protect our central nervous system before we train?

08:56 - What is central nervous system fatigue?

10:30 - Did you know the chemistry between your brain and the spinal cord are constantly changing?

11:24 - How can you protect yourself from over training?

12:44 - How will you know which nervous systems you are affecting?

13:22 - What are some parasympathetic recovery techniques?

13:53 - What are some sympathetic recovery techniques?

14:44 - What are some symptoms of parasympathetic and sympathetic over training?

15:24 - What are the best ways to protect from central nervous system fatigue?

17:24 - How can you test yourself and your central nervous system to see if it’s fatigued?

18:35 - How has Chris changed his workout routine?

20:53 - Do you need help with your exercise plan?

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