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Episode 86 - A Plan To Manage Your Day During COVID-19


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Highlights of the Episode


00:43 - What do we have for housekeeping today?

01:23 - What are we talking about today?

02:43 - Do you know how to practice gratitude?

03:18 - How do you keep from getting negative?

03:47 - How do we keep the anxiety from taking over our being?

04:17 - What is the first thing we can do to have a sense of purpose throughout this crisis?

05:09 - How can you keep from being socially isolated during this crisis?

06:49 - Have you tried virtual hugging?

07:50 - Have you checked in on people that may be struggling right now?

08:49 - Are you familiar with all the new technology to help keep in touch with others?

09:48 - Do you like to plant a garden?

10:59 - Interested in a virtual story time?

11:25 - Have you tried meditation?

12:07 - What do you want to accomplish in the next six months?

13:58 - Have you scheduled your exercise?

14:56 - Is your medicine cabinet stocked?

15:44 - Do you need to delay any upcoming payments?

16:40 - Can you deepen your relationships? 

18:29 - How can you get away from screens?

19:28 - What is the Social Distancing Festival?

20:31 - Are you trying to run a business right now?

21:27 - What else can I do?

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