Y.E.S. Fitness "Longevity" Podcast

Episode 82 - Chris's Changes to Live a Longer Healthier Life


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Highlights of the Episode


00:02 - What happened today?

00:43 - What day is it today?

00:48 - What are people always asking Chris?

01:16 - Why is Chris apologizing?

01:26 - What is the first area Chris talks about?

01:53 - What are the dangers associated with lack of sleep?

03:05 - What does the National Sleep Foundation recommend?

03:12 - What did Chris do to improve his sleep?

04:59 - Why should you stay away from the lights from electronics one hour before bed?

05:33 - What is the next area Chris talks about?

05:39 - What does the Center for Disease Control Recommend?

06:25 - What is recommended for strength training?

07:17 - What is recommended for energy system training (cardio)?

08:02 - What does Chris do to recover after exercise?

08:22 - What happens in your body when you exercise?

08:57 - What is resveratrol, NAD’s and mitochondria?

11:55 - How is Chris addressing stress in his life?

12:56 - What changes did Chris make with his nutrition?

15:07 - What is another change Chris has made?

16:46 - Does Chris eat chocolate?

17:33 - Does Chris take a multi vitamin?

17:45 - What is another important area for us to consider?

18:53 - What ideas does Chris have going forward?

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