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Episode 80 - How Sauna Use May Boost Longevity


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Highlights of the Episode


00:17 - What is our housekeeping today?

01:04 - How does bathing in a sauna affect longevity?

01:48 - What is the KIHD Study?

02:58 - What did the KIHD study show?

04:48 - How does it work?

06:04 - What are some of the great benefits of sauna bathing for your aging heart?

07:06 - How does sauna bathing benefit your aging brain?

08:04 - What were the parameters of the study?

09:16 - What are some benefits of sauna use and your heart rate?

10:04 - How can sauna use influence longevity?

10:21 - What are HSPs?

11:08 - Why is the 3-dimensional structure of the protein so important?

13:10 - What is Fox o3s?

14:20 - What important type of stress does Fox o3 protect against?

16:57 - How would you sum this up? 

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