Y.E.S. Fitness "Longevity" Podcast

Episode 79 - Special Guest - Jackie Penson


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Highlights of the Episode


00:00 - Who is our special guest today?

01:10 - What is a certified athletic trainer?

02:50 - What is Jackie’s new position?

04:46 - What are the more common knee injuries?

05:29 - Jackie shares an image on body alignment and discusses it.

06:25 - How can dysfunctional issues lead to a lot of knee pain?

07:19 - What is another problem with dysfunctional alignment?

9:18 - What can we do about chondromalacia?

10:32 - Why does Y.E.S. Fitness take pictures of their clients during the Strategy Session?

11:17 - What can we do about dysfunctional alignment?

12:23 - Jackie shares an image on the intrinsic tripod of the foot and discusses it.

13:13 - If you have special shoes designed for you would you wear them every day or just to work out? 

14:16 - What does Jackie suggest for minimalists?

19:38 - What is our functional movement screen about? 

20:45 - Why is it so important to stretch after your workout?

21:31 - Why do you get such isolating exercises in physical therapy?

23:05 - What is the difference between a strain or delayed onset muscle soreness?

24:06 - What are the three levels of straining and how can you tell the difference?

25:44 - Heat or ice, what is best for you?

27:25 - What can you do when you exercise to reduce the risk for injuries?

30:05 - Why do we put bands around some people’s feet or knees?

30:45 - Why do we have so much discomfort when we hike down a hill or go down stairs?

32:12 - Why do we do exercises with other parts of our body when we want to strengthen the knee?

33:55 - Why do we use the DVRT system?

35:19 - Why are my knees so stiff when I get out of a chair?

37:35 - Why does my knee hurt when I kneel on it?

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