Y.E.S. Fitness "Longevity" Podcast

Episode 78 - Jordan Rudolph's Podcast "Nine Hallmarks of Aging"


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Highlights of the Episode


00:00 - What is the Community Fitness podcast?

00:41 - Who is Jordan Rudolph?

01:26 - What’s new in Chris’s life?

03:05 - What is Chris training for?

06:14 - What’s new in the longevity side of things?

07:34 - Why does Chris have to get chapters done by March? 

08:12 - What new research has Chris heard about?

 10:53 - Is there an art to reading studies?

 11:45 - Who does Chris follow in the industry?

13:14 - What are some of the benefits to exercise and strength training?

16:26 - What did Jordan go to school for?

17:13 - What is the first hallmark of aging?

19:13 - What is the second hallmark of aging?

22:55 - What is the third hallmark of aging?

25:16 - What is the fourth hallmark of aging?

27:39 - What is the fifth hallmark of aging?

30:07 - What is the sixth hallmark of aging?

31:41 - What is the seventh hallmark of aging?

34:35 - What is the eighth hallmark of aging?

36:30 - What is the first universal regulator of aging?

39:17 - What is the second universal regulator of aging?

44:02 - What is the third universal regulator of aging?

49:55 - Do we have to purchase supplements to help with longevity?

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