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Episode 77 - What Are The Three Universal Regulators of Aging?


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Highlights of the Episode


00:01 - What’s new in the Coaching Center? 

00:34 - What are we talking about today? 

00:54 - What is the first universal regulator of aging? 

01:14 - What is homeostasis? 

01:54 - What does AMPK do? 

02:54 - What did a study published on cellular metabolism say about AMPK? 

03:41 - What do you need to do to activate AMPK and get the positive effects for longevity?

04:49 - What happened to mice when their caloric calories were restricted?

05:33 - What is an important thing to remember if you’re going to try fasting?

06:02 - What is the second universal regulator of aging?

07:21 - How much wine do you need to drink to get the benefits from resveratrol?

08:25 - What is NMN?

08:54 - So what does this all mean?

10:02 - What is the importance of all this?

11:13 - How can you improve your NAD?

12:37 - How can you boost your mitochondria?

13:28 - What is the third universal regulator of aging?

15:04 - What is a reason to stay away from meat, particularly read meat?

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