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Episode 73 - Sitting-Rising Test


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Highlights of the Episode


00:11 - What’s new in the Coaching Center?

01:53 – What is the sitting-rising test used for?

02:35 – What is the sitting-rising test?

03:25 – Who published the sitting-rising test?

04:05 – How do you do the sitting-rising test?

04:28 – How do you score the sitting-rising test?

05:33 – Chris demonstrates the sitting-rising test.

06:18 – What did Chris score on the sitting-rising test?

06:52 – In theory, does this make sense?

07:26 – What if you can’t do the sitting-rising test?

08:21 – What was missing from the research study?

08:37 – What conclusions can we draw from this study?

09:28 – What variables were not considered in the test?

10:24 – What’s the most important thing to consider regarding this study?

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