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Episode 48 - New Research on Telomeres


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Highlights of the Episode


00:08 - What’s new in the Coaching Center?

00:51 - What is a telomere?

 02:06 - What is a genome?

  03:13 - What is one specific way of how our cells age?

 04:14 - What is a telomerase enzyme?

 05:38 - Why are telomerase a double-edged sword?

 08:02 - What environmental things outside of our skin affect telomere length?

 08:40 - What’s new with chemical exposure affecting telomeres?

 10:16 - How does exposure to trauma affect telomeres?

 10:35 - How does nutrition affect telomeres?

 11:45 - What is the biggest predictor of obesity and diabetes?

 12:29 - Why is obesity such a problem in America?

 13:14 - What is Metformin?

 15:20 - What is chronic stress?

 17:40 - How do pessimism and optimism affect your telomeres?

 18:36 - What is TA-65?

 19:32 - How can omega-3 supplements help you?

 20:25 - How can vitamin D help you?

 20:52 - What is one thing to understand about all this?

 21:33 Is telomere testing helpful?

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