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Episode 46 - Plateaus


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Highlights of the Episode


00:12 - What’s new in the Coaching Center?

 01:43 - What is plateau tendancy?

 02:19 - What signals are we referring to?

 02:55 - What is the physiology on plateaus?

 03:29 - What is technical about plateaus?

 04:40 - What does all that mean?

 05:10 - Want an example of a plateau?

 06:20 - What is monostream?

 06:52 - How do we stop a plateau from happening?

 07:41 - What is periodization?

 09:13 - What is traditional periodization?

 09:53 - What is linear periodization?

 10:42 - What is reverse linear periodization?

 11:12 - What is nonlinear structure undulating periodization?

 12:02 - How does recovery help with plateaus?

 13:59 - What is the number one factor in recovery?

  14:30 - What is the second factor in recovery?

 14:57 - What is the third factor in recovery?

 16:29 - What do phases of a linear cardiovascular program look like?

 17:59 - What would it look like to do an undulating program?

 18:59 - What would a strength training linear program look like?

 21:16 - What questions should I ask myself to decide what I need to change?

 22:55 - What other areas might we want to try and tweak?

 26:49 - What other nutrition tips can we share?

 30:49 - Why is it so important to plan?

 31:38 - What is another important component to remember?

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