Y.E.S. Fitness "Longevity" Podcast

Episode 44 - Menopause


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Highlights of the Episode


0:14 - What’s new in the Coaching Center?

0:46 - What does Chris mean by the whole menopause timeframe?

1:35 - What do most people refer to as menopause, post-menopause?

2:15 - What side effects come with menopause?

3:59 - Why am I discussing menopause?

4:49 - What did our client’s physician tell her about menopause and fat loss?

5:54 - Why did our client decide to give us a try?

6:17 - Which program did our client sign up for?

7:06 - What was the first thing we did to help our client?

7:58 - What was the second thing we did to help our client?

8:39 - What type of exercises did our client do?

9:23 - What type of strength training did our client do?

11:03 - A review of our client’s exercise program

11:43 - How did we change our client’s nutrition?

13:12 - What’s the secret to the nutrition program?

15:16 - Did we address our client’s hydration?

15:50 - How did we address our client’s sleep habits?

17:16 - How did we address our client’s stress habits?

17:48 - Why did our client ask us to do this podcast?

19:08 - How is our client doing post program?

20:21 - The keys to making a change during menopause

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