Y.E.S. Fitness "Longevity" Podcast

Episode 42 - Chris' Story


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Highlights of the Episode


02:23 - What’s new in the Coaching Center?

 01:30 - How did Chris get started on his journey with longevity & fitness?

 02:26 - What was different about this night?

 03:26 - Why did Chris get a big knot in his stomach?

 04:07 - What was the news Chris got the next morning?

 06:06 - What happened when Chris was 34?

 07:04 - Why did Chris have an empty feeling in his stomach?

 07:41 - What happened in August of 1994?

 09:39 - Why did Chris feel doomed?

 10:34 - Where has Chris worked?

 10:53 - What happened to Chris’s job?

 11:30 - What did Chris do at the 15th year in business?

 12:33 - What does Chris mean by special relationships?

 13:32 - What was Chris’ real drive?

 14:05 - What is Chris’ special announcement?

 15:18 - Why does Chris get up in the morning to help others?

 16:08 - What’s coming up next week?

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