Y.E.S. Fitness "Longevity" Podcast

Episode 39 - Special Guest - Stacey Glastris


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Highlights of the Episode


00:16 - What’s new in the Coaching Center?

 01:45 - How often does Stacey come to class?

 02:26 - How’d our new stretch class go today?

 03:24 - Where was Stacey at in life before coming to Y.E.S. Fitness?

 04:43 - Does Stacey’s knee still bother her?

 05:34 - Stacey ran the Burlington to Collinsville Classic, how’d she do?

 07:09 - What has Stacey gained from Strength classes?

 09:18 - Has Stacey gained the upper body strength she wanted?

 10:55 - What’s Stacey’s most hated exercise?

 14:29 - What’s Stacey’s favorite exercise?

 18:09 - What does Stacey like most about Y.E.S. Fitness?

 21:41 - Does Stacey run in the woods?

 28:14 - Does Stacey like interval training?

 29:31 - Does Stacey like the competitive spirit at Y.E.S. Fitness?

 32:58 - If someone was on the fence about joining Y.E.S. Fitness, what would Stacey tell them?

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