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Episode 245 -  The double edge sword of telomere length and why it's so confusing!


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Highlights of the Episode


1:35 – The surprising link between longer telomeres and the increased risk of cancer.

2:26 – Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of our chromosomes they play a critical role in maintaining genomic stability.

3:26 – As cells age and telomeres reach a critically short length, they signal for cellulose senescence of programmed cell death.

4:36 – So short of telomeres in healthy cells act as a shield against cancer.

5:21 – Now cancer isn’t the only area where longer telomeres pose a risk.

6:51 – These interactions can throw a wrench in the processes and increase the risk of disease development.

7:43 – Let’s focus on maintaining a healthy balance.

8:56 – Make sure you stay informed.

10:05 – We need to try and promote to have a nice foundation for longevity.

10:44 – We are going to want to manage our stress.

11:47 – Sleep is non-negotiable

12:41 – We want to make sure we are staying hydrated.

13:43 – So remember our understanding of telomeres is still evolving.

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