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Episode 242 - Here are 5 easy steps to protect against Alzheimer’s disease!


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1:00 - Here’s the secret method to protect against the awful Alzheimer’s disease.

1:57 - so changes in the brain caused by Alzheimer's disease are associated with the shortening of the telomeres.

3:01 - there's little known about the links between telomere length and the changes that occur in the brains of people with neurological conditions.

4:29 -  The analysis revealed that patients with longer telomeres also tend to have better brain health.

5:21 - overall the findings show that shorter telomeres can be linked to multiple changes in the brain associated with dementia.

6:15 - As we age our bodies undergo various changes both internal and external. 

7:06 - Living a healthy lifestyle is critical to overall well-being including the health of our telomeres.

7:49- Telomere attrition chronic stress can accelerate the shortening of telomeres, leading to premature aging.

8:34 - So number three you want to avoid harmful substances, exposure to these substances can damage your cells, including your telomeres.

9:22 - Number four, take care of your mental health.

10:02 - Pursuing hobbies, and practicing mindfulness can contribute to maintaining healthy telomeres.

10:56 - As always you want to consult with your physician when you take any supplements to ensure their safety and effectiveness.


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