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Episode 240 - New blockbuster research reveals how fasting actually slows aging in humans.


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Highlights of the Episode


 1:22 – New Blockbuster research reveals how fasting slows aging in humans.

2:25 – Caloric restriction can slow the pace of aging in healthy adults.

4:17 – It’s difficult to control human beings for life, it’s difficult to control all the environments.

5:44 – This means that certain genes that were once active may become inactive.

6:17 – DNA methylation is a key player in the aging process.

6:52 – When we start to get into unhealthy people and obese humans, all other factors come into play.

8:23 – DNA methylation marks are chemical tags on the DNA sequence that regulate the expression of genes.

9:07 – These measures can be thought of as odometers that provide a static measure of how much aging a person has experienced.

10:06 – These findings are important because they are provided from a randomized trial

11:17 – I find this fascinating and encouraging that researchers have found ways to accurately measure t the pace of aging.

12:32 – If you are having some type of issue with your lifestyle, maybe you are not getting enough exercise or sleep, or maybe you need some help with nutrition.

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