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Episode 24 - Back on Track


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Highlights of the Episode


00:55 - Let's take a look at why we might not be making the changes we were looking to make.

 01:00 - Number one, was our why strong enough to make those changes?

 01:38 - The second thing to take a look at is the amount of changes that you're trying to make.

 02:28 - Get that once change planned into our day.

 03:22 - So, the observation that I have at this time of the year.

 03:44 - The first observation I make is when someone comes in our door to exercise.

 04:10 - Our programs

 05:02 - The very first thing we do in a program is foam roll.

 07:05 - Roll the bottom of your feet.

 07:36 - We breathe

 08:51 - Why do we do so many exercises in what we call RAMP?

 11:17 - Mobility

 12:02 - Stability

 13:10 - Why do we do some of the same movement patterns in warm up and workout?

 14:40 - Don't do too much in your workouts.

 15:28 - Consistency is key.

 18:38 - You need to work the overall body with big muscle groups.

 21:24 - After the workout.

 22:10 - Our goal in the workout.

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