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Episode 236 - Ways to destroy your crazy Zombie cells before they create deadly disease


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Highlights of the Episode


1:07- Let’s talk about ways to destroy your crazy zombie cells before they create a deadly disease.

1:56 – The stage two Hallmarks are characterized by the responses to cellular damage.

2:39 – An estimated 50 billion cells die each day.

3:09 – These are sometimes referred to as zombie cells.

3:53 – With age, an increasing number of cells become senescent.

4:43 – Senescent cells can become problematic as they release their pro-inflammatory molecules.

5:03 – However, we can make this process work better.

5:44 – Intermittent fasting has been known to improve cellular senescence.

6:36 – What also works for me is exercise.

7:32 – Studies found that resistance exercise increased the expression of anti-aging genes in skeletal muscle.

8:14 – This helps reduce the damage of DNA  and other cellular components that can lead to senescence.

9:17- Exercise has been shown to help regulate telomere length, which can slow down the process of cellular senescence.

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