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Episode 234 - Knock knock quickly open the door or you’ll be sick!


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Highlights of the Episode

1:06 – For a little over four years we have been doing podcasts, especially with regard to longevity.

1:51 – When we age, we experience what’s called “deregulated nutrient sensing.”

2:58 – Today I am going to talk about the first of the secondary Hallmarks.

3:56 – In this situation, the cells become less able to accurately detect and respond to changes in nutrient availability.

4:43 – Let me give you one type of example, one that many people can relate to.

6:09 – As nutrient senses, worsen, Insulin has to knock harder and harder on the door.

6:52 – Another example, is the way cancer cells often become highly dependent on nutrients such as; glucose or amino acids.

7:25 – There are environmental factors such as diet, and lifestyle.

9:26 – So again, we are talking about the sensing of the body.

9:51 – Regular exercise is shown to have a beneficial effect on glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

10:54 – Regular physical activity can help improve the way that cells detect and respond to changes in nutrient availability.

11:42- We’ve had clients with Type 2 Diabetes make tremendous improvements by exercising.

12:37 – What types of exercises are best for improving deregulated nutrient sensing.

13:37 – Start by incorporating regular physical activity into your routine, your body will thank you for that.

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