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Episode 233 - How the runner on second base may help you live longer


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Highlights of the Episode


1:21 – How the runner on second base may help you live a little longer.

2:41 – Today I want to talk about the accumulation of waste products.

4:01- We will discuss the last of the primary “Hallmarks of Aging.”

6:04 – The telomere acts as a sort of a secret code of words to other telomeres.

7:08 – The primary players of the concerts are the molecular substances that are fixed to our genome.

8:10 – We are going to talk about the loss of proteostasis.

9:06 – The body is always trying to keep itself in homeostasis based upon what’s going on in our environment.

10:44 – Protein homeostasis is maintained by several complex integrated pathways within the cells.

11:55 – Lifestyle factors can influence the function of proteostasis.

12:45 – Studies show that regular exercise help improve proteostasis.

14:31 – All the time I live by the 80/20 rule.


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