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Episode 230 - How toothpaste is like exercise and may prolong your life!


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Highlights of the Episode

 1:02 – Aging is an inevitable part of life.

1:54 – The human body is like a massive analog clock.

3:09 – In 2013, the cell journal published the “Nine factors that influence the Aging at the cellular level.”

4:23 – I think these things are important, that’s why I wrote about them in my book.

5:11 – Researchers started grouping the “hallmarks of aging”, in three different categories.

5:50 – Genomic instability is number one.

7:02 – Researchers believe that these two are ultimately responsible for the decline that is associated with aging.

8:16 – A genome is the organic organism’s complete set of DNA.

8:44 – It is where the body stores information.

9:13 – If the information is damaged there is a problem.

9:49 – The loss of epigenetic information is likely the root cause of aging.

10:52 – As we age the repair system becomes less effective.

12:06 – The common disease associated with defective responses in DNA is cancer.

12:37 – There are certain lifestyles and habits, which can slow down the Hallmarks.

13:20 – Exercise is like the toothpaste that polishes the disc.

14:15 – You should be exercising consistently.

15:06 – The research is coming out the benefits of regular exercise.

16:00 – The science shows how much exercise remodels DNA in skeletal muscles.

16:52 – The common denominator is exercise.


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