Y.E.S. Fitness "Longevity" Podcast

Episode 23 - Special Guest - Roger Neuhausser


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Highlights of the Episode


01:18 - Roger discusses where he was at in life, with all his family obligations before he joined Y.E.S.

 02:15 - How marriage, family and life can get in the way of one’s health.

 04:00 - Roger talks about how Y.E.S. is different and that is why he keeps coming back.

 06:51 - Why is muscle confusion wrong?

 08:38 - Roger explains why group exercise is so much fun and how it has eliminated his low back pain.

 09:38 - There is a shift in mindset from “cardio” to strength training.

 10:59 - How has Roger’s balance improved?

 12:51 - The gains Roger has made in the past 10 months.

 15:38 - If you are on the fence about joining Y.E.S. Fitness?

 17:57 - Roger final thoughts on how comfortable the atmosphere is, how friendly everyone is, and how he really enjoys training at Y.E.S. Fitness.

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