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Episode 228 - Need helpful exercise hints for the best success in 2023 and beyond?


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Highlights of the Episode

1:38 - we're looking for some helpful exercise hints for your best success in 2023 and beyond.

2:17 – What does successful aging mean to you?

3:30 - Regular physical exercise is one of the most impactful lifestyle interventions you can have for longevity.

5:28 – Physical daily activity can reverse specific age-related processes.

6:07 – All exercise is created equal.

7:36 – People who engaged in moderate to vigorous exercise lowered the risk of mortality by 15%.

8:51 – The lowest mortality risk was in participants who completed one to two weekly strength training sessions.

9:58 – We need to realize how unhealthy a lack of activity is.

11:12 – The most significant reduction in all mortality risks was associated with 30 – 60 minutes of strength training each week.

12:58 – I don’t think that one strength training session a week is all that efficient.

13:39 – Someone who is 50 or older only needs strength training twice a week.

14:11 – You don’t need to go to failure on every single set.

 14:40 – It’s critical to maintain a consistent schedule.

15:13 – It’s about the quality of life, not about how long you live.

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