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Episode 227 - Curious how every huff and puff could prolong your life?



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Highlights of the Episode

 1:44 – How every huff and puff could prolong your life.

2:33 – Exercise could be a one-minute burst of activity during your day.

3:20 – This activity could be going up the stairs instead of the escalator.

4:12 – Vigorous activity is 1-2 minutes of short bursts of activity.

4:52 – Everyone should be exercising to improve their lifespan.

5:59 – Benefits to high intensive integral training can be achieved through increasing intensity.

7:02 – There are many daily activities that can raise your heart-rate.

8:33 – It’s amazing that 80% of American’s don’t get it.

8:57 – This study is saying that you don’t need that much.

9:21 – Upping the intensity of daily activities requires no time commitment.

10:34 – The steepest gains we’re seen in those who had four to five bouts of VI LPA a day.

12:07 – The studies cannot directly establish cause and effect.

12:57 – Time is not an excuse for improving your health.

13:34 – 45 seconds of huff and puff can make a difference in your longevity.

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