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Episode 225 - Exciting Reasons why go heavy or go home may not be right!


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Highlights of the Episode

1:24 – We are open on Christmas Eve, for the amazing race.

2:04 – Why go heavy or, go home may not be right for you.

3:08- Resistance training doesn’t have to be with dumbbells.

4:25 – One will gain a great advantage of resistance training, when they are part of a lifelong program.

5:25 – You lose half a pound of muscle a year after age 30.

6:45 – By making strength a priority, you will cut your risk for diabetes.

7:54 – As you get older you have to continue to challenge your nervous system.

8:14 – its power we need to be training as well.

9:08 – How much strength training do we need?

10:20 – The first 15 minutes is super important.

11:28 – We’re talking about the bare minimum here.

12:21 – Strength training programs, should be performed, a minimum, of two consecutive days.

14:09 – Going lighter is the best choice for people with injuries.

15:57 – High repetitions with lighter weights will tire the muscle.

17:26 – The failure of one or two repetitions is enough to promote adaptations.

17:55 – I just gave you reasons why time shouldn’t be an issue.

18:46 – Having 20 minutes is better than none.

19:30 – Biceps and triceps are small muscles and do not change your body.

20:04 – Why waste your time when you don’t have much time.

21:05 – Providing a corrective exercise gives us plenty of time to come around.

21:46 – We can pack a whole lot of stuff in 20 minutes.

22:07 – Power is related to many functional activities.

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