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Episode 222 - A helpful guide with ways to battle those extra holiday calories.


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 Highlights of the Episode

2:21 – I am currently running a Black Friday special.

4:08 – We are heading into a season where we are going to be challenged by food and drink.

5:10 – I’m not used to eating a lot so I get full fast.

5:53 – If you turn your metabolism on, it’s going to burn some of those calories away.

6:37 – Make sure you don’t go to the event starving.

7:43 – Look around to see what it is that you really want on your plate.

8:05 – Try to avoid alcoholic drinks with Soda.

9:00 – Spend your time enjoying the company.

9:48 – Opt for the fruit based dessert.

11:15- Fill half your plate with veggies.

12:41- I’m just going to finish this because “hey, I don’t want to take it home.”

13:26- Always in our fat loss programs we talk about eating slowly.

15:05 – There are a lot of different strategies you can use when going to a restaurant.

15:14 – Let’s look at ways during traveling.

16:04 - I don’t recommend intermittent fasting, if you haven’t before.

16:59 – Everything In moderation, try to stay balanced.

18:24- Just relax, be yourself.  

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