Y.E.S. Fitness "Functional Longevity" Podcast

Episode 221 - The 5 “P’s” to weight loss.


The Bonus

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 Highlights of the Episode

3:14 – The five reasons why the letter “P” will drive your weight loss results.

4:03 – P, number one, is to have a plan.

4:54 – We sit down and write a real quick plan.

5:44 – You are welcome to send me your plan.

6:31 – The second P’s is products.

6:44- The third P is to prepare.

7:21 – Last minute plans are not going to be as healthy.

7:34 – The next P is pain.

8:28 –You’ll know what the portion size is.

8:38 – The final P is to pass.

9:46 – I am going to give you a sixth P as a bonus, protein.

10:14 – We have a caloric deficit and we have protein.

10:59 – Protein-dense foods, are the foods you want in your body.

11:27 – The letter P is important in fat loss.


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