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Episode 218- A revealing reason you may want to limit eating red meat.


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 Highlights of the Episode


 1:26 – A revealing reason why you may want to limit eating red meat.

2:03 – The third longevity team we’re going to talk about is the MTOR.

3:00 – If you eat a big steak MTOR will be activated.

3:25 – If you are always eating meat your MTOR will be activated all the time.

4:00 – What they’ve seen in animals is you are not harnessing your body’s defenses.

5:01 – You may want to change your diet in some ways.

5:17 – The MTOR won’t start to clear out your cells.

5:45 – Alzheimer’s disease is an example.

6:12 – If you are eating red meat every night, you aren’t going to turn on that cleansing process.

7:09 – When they measure how long it’s been activated for.

7:21 – It could remain on for 24 -36 hours.

8:15 – When we lift some weights, we are going to activate MTOR.

8:56 – We want to make sure that we get that MTOR suppressed.

10:21 – It’s a good thing to moderate exercise.

11:06 – 8 week resistance training will stimulate autophagy.

12:05 – You want to think about going through a more plant-based eating pattern.

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