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Episode 209- Amazingly eating two massive chocolate cupcakes can make perfect sense! 



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 Highlights of the Episode


1:16 – D2S Kickoff seminar is Sept 13th at 6 pm!

2:45 – Go to YES Fitnessct. com, click “Drop 2 Jean Sizes”

3:14 – We are going to talk about how amazingly eating two massive chocolate cupcakes makes perfect sense!

3:38 – As I said last week go by the 80/20 rule.

3:51- We played another bocce ball game and there was a giant tray of chocolate cupcakes.

5:10 – 5:22 – My friend Danny said, “what are you doing eating that you’re a trainer.”

5:48 – I burned enough calories, by sprinting 800 meters.

6:03- You don’t need to run but, just get some activity.

6:18 – You could even go for a 15-min walk.

6:39 – We know that 150 to 300 minutes of activity, will improve our health.

7:13 – It doesn’t need to be running, it can be walking, or something you enjoy doing.

7:20 – All activity is good for the brain, to help you destress and make you feel good.

8:29 – We want to think of our metabolism, as a barometer.

9:00 – I should have answered; “Hey I burned enough calories to eat this.”

9:45 – I havent been hungry, my mood has been good, I’ve been getting enough sleep.

10:02 – My goal is not necessarily to lose fat right now.

10:40 – I’m not playing the game of eating more exercise less, which can be very dangerous.

11:04- So excuse me, it’s okay to have the cupcake.

11:44 – Am I stressing about eating two cupcakes, absolutely not.

11:55 – I always make sure I’m getting the right caloric intake.

12:15 – If nutrition is lined up correctly, I can have three splurges.

12:36 – Everyone is different.

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