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Episode 206 - See how a game of Bocce Ball can turn into a cool nutrition lesson! 



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Highlights of the Episode

1:03 – See how a simple game of Bocce Ball turned into a cool nutrition lesson.

2:37 – I’m thinking what is the best way to throw the ball.

4:05 – How does this all relate to nutrition and exercise?

4:19 – My friends could tell I lost some weight, for the race. My friends were interested in how.

4:52- I make sure I always get enough protein.

5:25 – I explained what was in my lunch salad, listing the ingredients.

6:40 – You do a lot of prep work.

6:57 – Challenges from working from home, or someone who takes their food to work.

7:04 – You need to find what works for you.

8:01 - It’s really difficult when someone tries to tell me about what they eat and wants me to determine what works.

8:17 – We need to look at meals, timing, sleep, water, and proteins.

9:46 – Everyone is different, their metabolism, their lifestyle.

9:52 – What might work for you, doesn’t work for someone else.

10:32 – Depending on factors and your goals.

11:04 – There is so much information out there.

12:09 – I made sure I had at least one gram of protein per lean body mass.

12:32 – I needed to make changes because what I was doing wasn’t working anymore.

13:17- You need to hone in time to learn your body and research things.

14:03 – Everything is specific to what YOU’RE trying to accomplish.

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