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Episode 2 - Fitness Myth Busting Part I


The Bonus

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Highlights of the Episode


00:56 - Myth number 1 "no pain no gain."

 03:20 - Myth number 2 "your body creates lactic acid."

 05:28 - Myth number 3 "more is better."

 07:53 - Chris Borda knowledge bomb

 09:00 - Myth number 4 "we shouldn't do squats, deadlifts or overhead presses because they are not good for the body."

 15:03 - Myth number 5 "we need to stretch prior to our workout to prevent injuries."

 19:15 - Myth number 6 "you can spot reduce."

 22:02 - Myth Number 7 "working out will help me lose weight quickly."

 25:42 - Myth number 8 "sweating means I had a good workout."

 27:37 - Chris Borda knowledge bomb #2 what is a good workout?

 27:56 - Myth number 9 "you need to change your workout all the time."

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