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Highlights of the Episode

00:23 Upcoming events

03:13 Overall view of today’s subject

04:50 You need to do what works for you! Everyone’s metabolism is different.

06:10 What is metabolism?

10:19 What makes up Metabolic Rate?

11:59 Law of Metabolic Flexibility

14:14 Hunger Energy Cravings – HEC

15:40 Sleep Hunger Mood Energy Cravings – SHMEC

17:16 Law of Metabolic Individuality

18:59 The 4Ms of metabolic control

21:02 Law of Psychic Entropy.

22:18 Stay Flexible

23:031 The AIM Process

25:00 Where do you start?

26:40 Eat Less Exercise More – ELEM

29:35 Eat Less Exercise Less – ELEL

30:40 Eat More Exercise More – EMEM

31:24 Eat More Exercise Less – EMEL

33:30 3 2 1 Eating Pattern

33:52 5 Ss for a diet

35:00 My lifestyle changes to achieve my goal to run in the Master’s Games.

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