Y.E.S. Fitness "Functional Longevity" Podcast

Episode 197 - Tired, frustrated, can't figure out the reason for your slow metabolism?


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Highlights of the Episode


0:50 – Upcoming Events at Y.E.S. Fitness

05:25 – The Law of Metabolic Flexibility

06:41 – What is metabolic compensation?

11:05 – What is metabolic multitasking?

12:30 – Is the body good at multitasking?

14:10 – Effects of eating less and exercising more

15:20 – What has to be in check for the metabolism to be working correctly?

16:20 – How do you stay metabolically flexible?

17:40 – What are the 4P’s? 

20:38 – What is Psychic Entropy?

22:48 – What are the 4Ms?

23:30 – How do you manipulate your metabolism?

24:30 – How do you stimulate your metabolism?

26:41 – The responsibility of the metabolism

30:36 – Sleep, Hunger, Mood, Energy, Cravings  

33:40 – The AIM Process

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