Y.E.S. Fitness "Functional Longevity" Podcast

Episode 196 - Here's the little-known key to boosting an insanely sluggish metabolism!


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Highlights of the Episode


01:12 – The Y.E.S. Fitness 2022 Summer Sports Camp

05:19 – What are we going to talk about for the next 4 weeks? 

06:00 – The Body’s Metabolism 

06:19 – The Anabolic and Catabolic Pathways 

06:48 – What is our Total Daily Energy Expenditure? 

07:22 – The Thermal Effects of Food 

08:39 – The Thermal Effects of Activity (Exercise) 

09:46 – What is our total resting metabolic rate? 

10:49 – What makes up our metabolic rate? 

13:25 – Calories In Versus Calories Out 

16:00 – What does our body do when we lower our caloric intake? 

17:50 – “I have no metabolism!” 

19:40 – Defining Obesity 

21:20 – The average resting metabolism for females and males 

22:10 – The Effects of Resistance Training on the Resting Metabolic Rate 

23:40 – Increasing your metabolism 

25:00 – Age and Metabolic Rate 

29:00 – Take away   

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