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Episode 192 - Disgusted with life? Understand how to champion sustainable change!


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Highlights of the episode


02:30 – What is the Trans-Theoretical Model?  

03:11– What does Chris Borda want to try to help you identify and understand? 

05:05 – What are the five stages of change?  

06:12– Characteristics of people in the Pre-Contemplation Stage 

07:44 – Advice for people in the Pre-Contemplation Stage  

10:01 – Characteristics of people in the Contemplation Stage 

12:14 – How can you help someone in the Contemplation Stage? 

13:00 – The Preparation Stage 

14:06 – Characteristics of people in the Preparation Stage   

15:11 – What is “social liberation” and why does Chris Borda recommend it? 

16:44 – What is the Action Stage?   

17:26 – What is considered valuable in this stage? 

18:06 – What should you be aware of in this stage? 

19:29 – The Final Stage of the Trans-Theoretical Model 

20:36 – The importance of the Maintenance Stage 

22:30 – Relapse or Lapse is part of the process 

23:07 – The first key factor of positive change 

23:34 – The role of self-efficacy in transformative behavior 

25:44 – Y.E.S. Fitness can help you

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