Y.E.S. Fitness "Functional Longevity" Podcast

Episode 191 -  Beware poor heart health is causing you to lose valuable cognitive health.


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Highlights of the Episode


00:46 – Effects of poor health on cognitive abilities

01:02 - What story did Chris tell us today?

01:36 – What does research show?

02:03 – What is a common theme in the aging process?

02:26 – What cognitive functions decline as we age?

03:30 – The heart’s relationship with our brain health

04:41 – What happens when you decrease your physical mobility?

05:30 – What does research show about long term participation in aerobic and resistance training?

06:26 – How does Y.E.S. Fitness combat cognitive decline in their exercise programs?

07:30 – What is the ideal exercise program that can positively impact cognitive function?

09:50 – The kinds of cognitive functions that decline with age

11:00 – What is the most second feared condition?

11:20 – What are neurons? What is their responsibility?

12:25 - What part of the brain shrinks with age and how?

14:00 – The difference between Normal Cognitive Aging and Alzheimer’s disease

16:50 – Where is the U.S. ranked in the death rate for Dementia?

20:00 – At what age does cognitive decline begin?

20:57 – What are your risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease?

22:30 – Why should you challenge your brain?

23:00 – Personal story

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