Y.E.S. Fitness "Functional Longevity" Podcast

Y.E.S. "Longevity" Podcast Episode 186

Want a surprisingly clear picture of what diet is best for success?


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 Y.E.S. Fitness “Functional Longevity” Podcast Episode 186

01:22-What type of diet is best for you?

01:30-What type of exercise is best for you?

02:17-What are you trying to accomplish?

04:00-What factors were used to set up the study?

06:02-The study is online but the main points broken down here. 

06:33-What is the reoccurring theme across the top rated diets?

08:03-Where did the Mediterranean diet fall in the rankings?

11:26-Chris summarizes the overall rankings.

14:18-What diet ranked best for weight loss? 

15:01-What ranked as the easiest diet to follow?

17:29-Simple rules to follow for a healthy diet.


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