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Injured or do you deal with a neurological disorder? Learn how cross education phenomenon helps keep you strong during those difficult times.

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 Y.E.S. Fitness “Functional Longevity” Podcast Episode 179


00:58-During Covid the average weight gain was 20lbs. 

01:47- If you are looking to get your heath back in order join our Rock Your Resolution challenge. 

02:55-The kick-off seminar is 2/15 @ 6:00PM at Y.E.S Fitness.

04:04-How can you maintain strength when you have an injury.

05:37-How does this work?

08:13-This phenomenon was first observed at Yale.

08:49-Resistance training may cause task specific changes.

12:46-What is cross education training?

14:40-What type of training should you do? 

15:35-You should also consult with your physical therapist.

16:33-How else can this help your balance?


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