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Really!! What happened? I lost all this weight and am still flabby.


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Y.E.S. Fitness “Functional Longevity” Podcast Episode 176 

03:50 –What is BMI?

04:48-Why is an in-body scan so important?

03:19-What are the two components your body weight is made off?

 05:50 –You need to have a body composition test to track changes in your body.

06:01 – Should not just be talking about numbers on a scale.

06:40- What is the difference between lean weight loss and fat weight loss?

07:31-Why is tracking body composition more important than wright loss tracking?

08:00-Most adults gain about 16 pounds per decade.

08:58-What are the factors that make our program work? 

09:48-What was the outcome of the challenge between the two women and two men?

10:48-Create a balance of metabolic training, strength training and diet.

11:18-What is the difference between fat loss and muscle loss?

12:22-What is the ideal way to go about weight loss?

14:07-Why is weight training so important?

15:19-What are the drawbacks of less muscle tissue?

16:26- What factors play into how much body fat you should have?

16:55-What should your nutrition plan look like?

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