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Top 8 questions you must absolutely have answered before choosing a gym this year.


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Y.E.S. Fitness “Functional Longevity” Podcast Episode 175 

01:48 –Things to think about before you choose a gym.

02:30-What are you trying to accomplish?

03:19-You need a fitness map created for you.

05:50 –You need to have a body composition test to track changes in your body.

06:01 – Should not just be talking about numbers on a scale.

06:55-How is it that you want to feel.

08:10 –How do they get to your starting point? 

10:30-What should each workout include?

12:39-More is not better. 

13:30-Are you doing the best exercises to get the best “bang for your buck”? 

13:58-Do your workouts change?

15:50-Does the facility have a team mindset?

16:53-What types of things should be tracked? 

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