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Look, a proven understanding of the body leads to reduce pain! Like any industry, the fitness industry continues to change and evolve. One of our core values is to keep learning and evolving. Although this concept of how the body is linked isn’t brand new, it is new enough that many coaches and trainers aren’t aware of it. Understanding it has led to eliminating my knee pain!


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Y.E.S. Fitness “Functional Longevity” Podcast Episode 168 


 00:45-Look for Black Friday Deals!

00:55- Fitness industry is always changing.

01:36-What did Chris do differently to eliminate his knee pain?

02:38-The correct foot support is IMPORTANT for your joints to function correctly.

03:06-Orthotics helped solve the knee pain issue.

03:40-The body is made up of stable joints and mobile joints.

05:22-When a joint is moving in an incorrect pattern we tend to compensate and cause injury. 

06:40-Flattening of the arch of the foot and cause knee pain. 

07:24-When you know you need to go to a professional for help solving pain issues. 


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