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Episode 161 - World Gratitude Day


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Highlights of the Episode


01:11-Our D2S program kicks off. 

02:15-The average weight gain during the pandemic was 20lbs. 

02:55-Today is world Gratitude Day! 

03:40-Gratitude has a transformative power. 

04:49-Finding gratitude everyday has positive effects on health. 

6:18-Gratitude gives you a sense of purpose 

09:33-Being thankful for your current situation brings mindfulness. 

9:47-Having gratitude can help you have a good night’s sleep. 

10:35-It’s shown that people with gratitude have an improved immune system. 

11:27- It’s has been shown that people with positive attitudes can alter their brain structure. 

13:55-A positive grateful attitude can reduce chronic pain, anxiety and, inflammation. 

15:00- Exercising can help you have a positive attitude.

15:42-Having a positive attitude can lengthen your life by 15%.

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