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Episode 159 - Drop two sizes with Rachel Cosgrove


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Highlights of the Episode


01:34-Chris explains Drop 2 Sizes. 

04:00-Drop 2 Sizes starts 9/20.

04:42-The average weight gain was 20LBs in 2020.

06:04-Interview with Rachel Cosgrove creator of D2S.

10:06-What has been the hardest thing to change in mindset for D2S? 

11:02-You have to be open to changes during D2S.

13:30-Clients find the meetings are the most helpful part of the program.

14:28-Water is the “fat burning liquid".

14:58-The program is about taking care of you.

15:01-Eating multiple times a day is important.

15:10-Protien is a building block.

17:01- The program works for busy people. 

23:00-You need to manage stress.

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