Y.E.S. Fitness "Functional Longevity" Podcast

Episode 157- Not all exercise is equal when it comes to improving longevity. 


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Highlights of the Episode 


 01:21-What is D2S? 

01:53- FREE kick-off for D2S is Tuesday 9/14 @ 6:30PM.

02:10-Learn everything you need to know about dropping 2 sizes. 

03:36-How can you prolong your life with muscle power?

03:59-What makes this study standout? 

05:02-What is muscle power?

05:36-What is the difference between muscle power and strength?

07:37-Power training is finding the best combination of speed and weight.

08:22-When does muscle mass start to decrease?

09:50-How can you measure muscle power?

11:20-How can grip strength measure overall strength?

13:30-What tempo should you be working at when training for power?

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